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  A new residency management system
 1.在留カードの交付 A residence card is issued
 2.在留期間の上限が最長5年に延長 The period of stay is extened to a maximum
of 5years
 3.みなし再入国許可制度の導入 A system of re-entry permission is introduced
 4.外国人登録制殿廃止 The alien registration system is abolished










  1. ① 「3月」以下の在留期間が決定された人
  2. ② 「短期滞在」の在留資格が決定された人
  3. ③ 「外交」又は「公用」の在留資格が決定された人
  4. ④ ①から③の外国人に準じるものとして法務省令で定める人 (注1)
  5. ⑤ 特別永住者
  6. ⑥ 在留資格を有しない人 (注2)


(注1) 法務省令には,「特定活動」の在留資格が決定された,亜東関係協会の本邦の事務所若しくは駐日パレスチナ総代表部の職員又はその家族の方が定められています。

(注2) 外国人登録制度においては,不法滞在者についても登録の対象となっていましたが,新しい在留管理制度においては対象とはなりません。不法滞在の状態にある外国人の方は,速やかに最寄りの入国管理官署に出頭して手続を受けてください。なお,詳しくは,入国管理局ホームページに掲載している「出頭申告のご案内~不法滞在で悩んでいる外国人の方へ~」を御覧ください。



  • 不正な手段により在留特別許可を受けたこと
  • 配偶者として「日本人の配偶者等」,「永住者の配偶者等」の在留資格で在留する方が,正当な理由(注1)がなく,配偶者としての活動を6か月以上行わないで在留すること
  • 正当な理由(注2)がなく住居地の届出をしなかったり,虚偽の届出をしたこと

(注1) 配偶者としての身分を有する者としての活動は認められなくても,子の親権を巡って調停中の場合や日本人配偶者が有責であることなどを争って離婚訴訟中の場合などは,「正当な理由」があるものと考えられます。また,配偶者としての活動を6か月以上行わないで在留している場合であっても,日本国籍を有する実子を監護・養育しているなどの事情がある場合には,他の在留資格への変更が認められる場合があります。

(注2) 勤めていた会社が急に倒産して住居を失った場合や,長期にわたり入院したため住居地の変更を届け出ることができなかった場合などのほか,DV被害者が加害者に所在を知られないようにするため住居地の変更を届け出なかった場合は,「正当な理由」があるものと考えられます。

  • 在留カードの偽変造等の行為をすること
  • 虚偽届出等により懲役以上の刑に処せられたこと
  • 中長期在留者の各種届出に関して虚偽届出・届出義務違反,在留カードの受領・携帯・提示義務違反をすること
  • 在留カードの偽変造等の行為をすること

Details of the new system is as below.

What exactly is the new residency management system?


The aim of the new residency management system is to enable the Ministry of Justice to continuously keep information necessary for managing the residency of foreign nationals residing in Japan for the mid-to long-term with resident status, and ensure greater convenience for those foreign nationals.

The system will issue qualifying foreign nationals a resident card containing a portrait photo of the individual, basic personal information such as his/her name, his/her resident status and his/her currently allowed period of stay.

Moreover, because the new system will allow authorities to more accurately track resident status than with the previous system, it makes it possible to introduce measures that will improve the convenience of foreign nationals who legally reside in Japan, such as a maximum period of stay of five years instead of the previous three years, and a new reentry permit system that waives reentry permit formalities for foreign nationals who leave and reenter Japan within one year of the date of their original departure.

The current alien registration system will be abolished with the start of the new residency management system.

   A resident card is issued
   The period of stay is extended to a maximum of 5 years
   The re-entry permit system is changed
   The alien registration system is abolished
 Who will be subject to the new residency management system?

The new residency management system will be applied to all foreign nationals residing legally in Japan for the mid- to long-term with resident status under the Immigration Control Act (hereinafter referred to as "mid- to long-term residents") and, moreover, foreign nationals who do not come under any of the following 1 through to 6.

  1. (1) Persons granted permission to stay for less than 3 months
  2. (2) Persons granted "Temporary Visitor" status
  3. (3) Persons granted "Diplomat" or "Official" status
  4. (4) Persons recognized by Ministry of Justice ordinance as equivalent to the foreign nationals in the aforementioned (1) to (3)*
  5. (5) Special permanent residents
  6. (6) Persons with no resident status**

This new system will apply to mid- to long-term residents in Japan, such as those married to a Japanese national as well as Japanese descendants ("nikkei"), whose status of residence is "Spouse or Child of Japanese National," "Long Term Resident," etc., those working for an employer in Japan, whose status is "Engineer," "Specialist in Humanities/International Services," etc., as well as technical interns, students, and permanent residents. It will not apply to those visiting Japan for a short period of time as a tourist.

* The Ministry of Justice ordinance specifies staff of the Japanese office of the Association of East Asian Relations and the Permanent General Mission of Palestine in Japan who have "Designated Activities" status, and their families.

** While illegal residents can be registered under the present alien registration system, they cannot be registered under the new residency management system. Any foreign national illegally staying in Japan is advised to immediately visit the nearest Regional Immigration Office and follow the necessary procedures. For more details, please see the "Information on Procedures to Follow at Immigration Offices" on the Immigration Bureau of Japan's website.

Please take note of the following!

In line with the introduction of the new residency management system, the following grounds have been established for revocation of resident status, deportation and penalties. Regarding the penalty on promoting illegal work prescribed in Article 73-2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, if an employer does not know by negligence that the employed person works illegally, the employer will be punished.

 Revocation of resident status
  • You have obtained special permission to stay by wrongful means.
  • You are residing as a spouse with "Spouse or Child of Japanese National" or "Spouse of Child of Permanent Resident" status, but you have failed to engage in activities as a spouse for six months or more without a justifiable reason.*
  • You have failed to give notification of your place of residence without a justifiable reason or have submitted a false notification.**

* In case a foreign resident is in the process of arbitration with his/her spouse over the custody of his/her child or having a divorce case holding his/her Japanese spouse culpable, the foreign resident is deemed to have "justifiable reasons," even though the activities of such a resident as the status of spouse are not approved. Also, even if a foreign resident in Japan does not act as a spouse for six months or longer, the resident may be permitted to change his/her resident status to another one if he/she has any reason, such as taking care of and raising his/her biological child who has Japanese nationality.

** "Justifiable reasons" for failing to notify the change of address are applicable to the following cases: the company a foreign resident worked for went suddenly bankrupt and he/she lost his/her place to live as a result; a foreign resident was hospitalized for a long time and, therefore, was unable to notify the change of his/her address; or a foreign resident was a victim of domestic violence and hid the change of his/her address in order to avoid the assailant knowing the new address.

 Grounds for deportation
  • You have forged or altered your resident card.
  • You have been sentenced to imprisonment with labor or a heavier punishment for submitting false notification or similar act.
  • You have submitted a false notification or have violated the obligation to submit a notification relating to any of the notifications required of mid- to longterm residents or have violated the obligation concerning receipt, carrying or mandatory presentation of your resident card.
  • You have forged or altered your resident card.


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